Alle Quake1ers mogen rejoicen, de demo is back with a vengeance. De zeer populaire Quake Done Quicker (Quake uitgespeeld op Nightmare in zo kort mogelijke tijd) is verbeterd van 16 min 35 sec naar 12 min 23 sec. Wat je allemaal niet doet voor 4 min

Hier de major updates: Update time again... the update this time contains several demos which are faster but don't fit, but on the other hand we have two massive improvements.

Let's start with the id demos: Ilkka ran the Easy 100% of e1m6 in :49, four seconds faster than before. Unfortunately, the demo doesn't fit because of health problems.

Thomas' e3m3_052 is also faster than Qd100Qlite, but without killing the zombies.

On to Hipnotic demos where Ilkka is the main protagonist of this update: First he improves the Nightmare runs of hip1m1 to :19 and hip1m2 to :12. However, neither of the demos fits: the first doesn't take the rocket launcher, the other uses the secret exit.

The main attraction of this update are the hip1m3 demos. It doesn't happen every day that a demo not only shows a new route, but exhibits a completely new, hitherto unknown feature of a map. Whoever put the air duct there, should be sent flowers... what a cool route. Thanks to Juho who discovered it, and to Ilkka who made these demos: :48 on Easy and :50 on Nightmare. The Easy demo does not fit into SdSlite because of health/armor problems, but the Nightmare demo does and is 21 seconds faster than the previous demo here. (29 seconds faster than SdS!)

The only unhappy person here is QdQguy who feels that his efforts on hipend were in vain. Quote: "Damn these military intelligence blokes, they couldn't tell me back then, now could they? I could've easily reached 666 seconds without blowing myself to bits, if only these stupids used r_drawflat 1 when scouting the area rant rant rant..."

Finally, some Beyond Belief demos: Robert improves Justin's Nightmare run of bbelief3 by three seconds getting :56.

And Alex improves the Easy run of bbelief6 by six seconds (four seconds faster than SBBlite) with his :40. In the demorelised run we would survive with 1 health point :)

Anyway, the route could be improved in an episode run with a grenade jump at the start. If you want to take this on and help us release a new SBBlite run, starting stats would be ammo 98/75/4/0, weapons 236, 13 green armor, 50 health. I keep advertising this, but so far no one has taken up the challenge. Quake Done Quicker with a Vengeance