Id Software heeft haar FAQ van Quake 3:Team Arena geupdate met wat extra vragen. De vragen gaan over de muisgevoeligheid, server problemen op MMX systemen en disconnects op verscheidene servers.Q: "Why is my mouse sensitivity much higher with the latest point release?"

A: There were some changes made within Q3 that take advantage of DirectInput (an extension of Direct X). One of the side effects of this is a much higher mouse sensitivity within the game if you have "mouse acceleration" activated in Windows. To return your game sensitivity to normal, deactivate mouse acceleration within the mouse menu located in your control panel.

Q: "Why am I occasionally getting disconnected from a server when trying to connect in?"

A: This is a known issue that occurs in the following circumstances: The client connects to the server when the server has just started a new map. If the client does not get all the way into the game before the warm-up is over and the map restarts, a conflict will arise and the client will be disconnected. We are working to address this issue.De gehele FAQ is hier te vinden.