De veelbelovende Quake 3 Mod Urban Terror is weer een stap dichterbij perfectie. Silicon Ice Development heeft in Patch 2.1 een aantal vervelende bugs verholpen die voor allerlei problemen zorgden sinds de release van Beta 2.

Both clients and servers will be required to upgrade to 2.1 in order to take advantage of this patch. Some of the major issues we addressed were:

- ARIES issue resolved

- Errors in ANTI-LAG code resolved. This should help increase successful hits when using cg_nobulletpredict 0

- Should no longer get -1 kills for switching teams

- Can no longer shoot through thin walls, doors, or glass by getting close to it and shooting

- Team DM spawns are now randomized as they were in orignal Q3. This is a temporary fix

- Ghosts can no longer call votes

- cg_crosshairRGB, cg_crosshairFriendRGB, cg_scopeRGB, and cg_scopeFriendRBB now support commas as separators De update kan je vanaf 3D Downloads of Fileplanet downloaden. Wil je weten wat er aangepast is in Beta 2.1 dan moet je de readme.txt lezen.