Fragpipe heeft een zeer interessante vergelijkingspreview (Leuk scrabble woord!) tussen Q3F en TF2 op hun site geplaatst. Sure, Quake 3 is a great graphics related game, but definitely not a team orientated game. Yet, the Quake 3 Fortress team have been trying to get around this problem by recreating Team Fortress, but for Quake 3. Team Fortress 2 on the other hand is very team orientated. It is somewhat based on Half-Life, which didn't have the best graphics around for it's time though, although they were quite good. So, Team Fortress 2, based on the multitude of screen shots released will have good, if not great graphics, but compared to Quake 3 will possibly not be as good in the graphics department, but we will explore this perspective of each game in the Graphics section below.Dit zal wel weer de nodige commotie veroorzaken tussen de Quakers en de Half-Lifers