Vind je de bots ook zo slecht in Quake 3? Maak ze dan zelf!OK, so what is this thing, this "Q3BD"? Q3BD is a Q3 utility designed to assist modelers add bot support to their models. When you make a model for Q3 it is not immediately supported as a bot by Q3. You need to add personality to the bot: weapon preferences, skills, etc. Before Q3BD you had to go and open up the source code provided in pak0.pk3, fiddle around with the numbers, put it in the right directories and so on, then dump it all into a pk3 file with your model. This meant that most modelers did not make bots (that and many were not aware of this issue). Q3BD however steps into the scene with a truly intuitive and simple interface for designing the bots. It serves to remove most of the dealing with code issues. You create a new bot, name it, assign its gender, give it chat comments, the whole works. Then you save it in a nice portable .q3b file. Then when you're ready, you just click Build Q3 Source and voila, you have all the _c.c, _t.c, etc files you need and it all can be set up to generate right into your model folders so that when you go to zip your model up for release and use, the bot files very smoothly go with it.Het programmaatje waarmee dit kan is hier naar beneden te halen.