IGN maakt melding dat de lang verwachtte titel Q3A voor de Dreamcast met een week is uitgesteld. De reden hiervoor is, is dat iD het spel compleet zonder bugs of glitches wilt releasen. De officiele releasedatum is nu 17 oktober geworden

Tja het valt tegen als je weet dat je geen patches later kan uitbrengen This just in from Sega HQ. To add to the news that we'll be waiting for Broadband play for their upcoming fragfest until late November/early December, IGNDC has learned that we'll be waiting a bit longer on narrowband, as well. The Dreamcast version of Quake III Arena is going through some last minute refinements that will postpone the title's release from its original ship date of October 10th until October 17th, 2000.

When asked about a reason for the delay, Sega Spokesperson Heather Hawkins responded by saying "You know id...they're perfectionists." Despite Sega publishing the title, id still has a major say in the final approval of the product, which is a port of the company's PC hit of the same name.

We can only guess at what the issues directly surrounding the delay involve, but anticipate that said setbacks will only prove to further the quality of the product. Besides, if you get really antsy, you can always go through the Jet Grind demo one...more...time...