Er is veel te doen rond te laatste point release van Quake 3. Zo zijn de phyiscs veranderd,werken de mods niet meer en schijnen er veel bugs te zijn. Op de mods zullen we even moeten wachten totdat er nieuwe versies verschijne maar de phyiscs worden alweer teruggezet naar 1.17 omdat veel spelers het er niet mee eens zijn.

Robert Duffy van ID melde het volgende over

"Anyone that uses DLL's to play don't notice any difference in the physics because they now work like DLL's have always worked.

The phyiscs we will likely put back. We will not unfix an obvious bug with damage through walls."

En alle veranderingen volgens Clanbase

- Acceleration with strafe jumping has been decreased by about 50%. This makes overall movement slower, and makes most trick jumps (e.g. bridge to rail in dm6) impossible.

- Air control has decreased. I think this is just a direct result of the previous, as strafing in the air helped you fly further.

- Movement is no longer dependent of framerate and connection quality. The 125Hz mod achieved this by leveling the field upwards, 1.25 levels the field downwards.

- Splash damage through floors has been removed. This has major consequences in t4 duels.

- This bug fix causes a new bug, namely that rockets against the side of a platform don't hurt the person that is standing on it.

- The megahealth respawn time has been changed to 2:00 from 0:35 . This drastically changes teamplay on dm7, and duels on dm13.

- The lightning gun now has 50 ammo when picked up instead of 100.

- The railgun now has 20 ammo when picked up instead of 10.

- Demos recorded with older Q3 releases can't be played back with 1.25 .

- Q3 mods (OSP, RA3, ...) don't work with 1.25 for the moment. This will change in a couple of days when the new source is released, but until then it is a major issue if you're not sure about changing to 1.25.

- QTV doesn't work with 1.25 . I expect this can't be fixed easily due to the new anti-cheat measures. Op Gamespy staat een uitgebreid artikel over de pointrelease met .plan updates van ID mensen en meningen van modmakers.