Hoewel je hem elke dag moet installeren, want bijna elke dag komt er een nieuwe versie uit, is Q3Offline een populaire Quake3 launcher.

Hier de info over deze versie.New release: version Bug fixes and changes: Fixed map specific time limit, frag limit, capture limit and max bots not being saved for Free for all maps. Actually, the settings were being saved but were then being overwritten by settings for the same map in the Tournament and Team Deathmatch game types. These settings are now specific to the Game type, e.g., you can set them separately for q3dm1 in Free for all, Tournament, and Team Deathmatch. Thanks to Erik M. Pilsits for spotting this bug. Erik has also informed me that the bots spawned by Q3 to make up the numbers when using bot_minplayers have the g_spSkill (single player) skill. So Q3Offline now sets g_spSkill to be consistent with the skill of bots that Q3Offline spawns itself. Renamed Max. bots to No. of players, to make it a bit more obvious.Download hem hier. En kijk hier (elke dag?) op de homepage van de makers.