Gamers Back Alley heeft een preview van de komende Q3Fortress online gegooid. Zoals jullie weten komt deze in de nacht van 1 op 2 april uit, wel een beta -1 oid maarja.. beter dan niets!

The first Quake 3 Fortress beta is so addictive. Its all the fun TFC had but with a better engine and better gameplay. Though because its a beta not all the features are implanted. The final should look a little bit like this.

[bullet] Five game-play styles including CTF, Command Point and Capture and Hold

[bullet] Six new maps including updated versions of several world famous levels

[bullet] Sixteen Weapon Types, including eleven new to Quake 3

[bullet] Ten Unique Player Classes each with specific strengths and abilities

[bullet] Eight grenade types with new special effects

[bullet] Completely redesigned Heads Up Display

[bullet] Tons of new models, artwork and sound effects

[bullet] Over 50 new commands and cvars

[bullet] $Var Communications geared to enhancing team-play

[bullet] Real-time WAV communications allowing team-wide sounds

[bullet] User Configurable Menus

[bullet] Fully documented, powerful custom and extended entitiesOok zal ik nog even wat plaatjes neerzetten om jullie lekker te maken!