Net fris op het net en nu al de cheats gevonden (hebben sommige mensen dan ECHT niks te doen?) Anyway, je kan zelfs wapens verkrijgen die officieel niet in de demo zitten. Klik hier om naar de cheats te vliegen.Check out the new cheats page for the low-down on how to enable cheats in the single-player (botmatch) version of the incredible new Q3TestDemo! For those people getting beat up by the bots on even the easiest level, the cheats will alllow you to become invincible, fly, walk through walls, and/or give yourself as much health, armor, and ammo as you want! You can also give yourself all of the weapons, which includes two weapons not normally available in this version (the grenade launcher and the BFG10K!) The graphics aren't complete for these yet (there are no view models), but they do function (and the BFG10K is RAPID-FIRING!). There's nothing like mowing down a room full of bots with a BFG that's shooting giant triangles (the grenade launcher explosions, however, are simply beautiful!) Cheats in het kort:

Type in de console :spdevmap mapname (mapnaam staat voor de naam van de map die je wilt spelen) Als de map geladen kun je de volgende cheats gebruiken :

god - toggles god mode; you're invincible when it's on.

noclip - toggles noclip mode; you can fly and walk through walls it's on.

give all - gives your player all weapons and ammo