Een nieuwe beta versie (1.1) van Q3A+++, een utility/mod voor Q3A, is uit. Q3A++ voegt dingen toe als: skin colorization support, collapsed client variables, an enhanced user interface, a bunch of client-side tweaks, and gets rid of footsteps, om Voodooextreme te citeren .Q3A++ Public Beta 1.1 Release Grab a copy here (4487Kb). New features for this version are: Great UI Enhancements on Player Settings, Player Model, Game Options, System Setup and Server Browser menus. check out the screenshots! Full documentation on all collapsed cvars Various bug-fixes As a last minute decision, I included Yak Bernier's server browser code adding a few enhancements of my own like the ping color thing (green if < 200, yellow if < 400, etc.) and other stuff.en here is hier