Niet tevreden over hoe Q3A draait ? 3Dspotlicht heeft een tweakguide geschreven die het allemaal net iets beter zou moeten laten lopen.

(kan je alleen niet meer de schuld aan je compu geven (als je verliest) )seta com_hunkMegs "x", you can use this to set the amount of memory available to Quake 3. A general guideline to setting this value would be 2/3 RAM. Keep in mind Windows needs about 16MB RAM to run. You should also have closed all other programs before running Quake 3. seta m_filter “x”, set this to 1 to enable mouse filtering. This will average out mouse movements resulting in much smoother scrolling. A setting of 0 disables the filter. I'd high recommend enabling this. Q3A Tweaks