Het beste van beiden spellen ?. The Mean Arena is bezig met een mod waarbij je Q3A kan spelen in UT. De vraag is of Epic en/of ID het toestaat dat de mod gereleased wordt.Here are the first official beta screenshots from The Mean Arena of our upcoming UT to Q3 partial conversion. There are 10 images below for you to check out. And this will be the official site for the mod, so keep an eye open right here for the latest in it's development. We'll be posting up a list in a few weeks of features we've managed to port over along with some new ones as well. This mod began back in February and was put on hold due to other more important issues. Now that it has been back on schedule, we're gonna try and make this mod the best it can be. Me and Zygote are pulling in this one together alone and there should be a beta to play within a month or so. We'll keep you posted. Unreal Arena