Naast ilse, Altavista, Yahoo en de vele andere search enigines is er nu ook een alleen voor Q3A. Dus zoek je maps, servers etc. is the place to B.

Als je zelf ook dingetjes hebt die andere mensen moeten hebben, kan je makkelijk jezelf adden in de search enigine.What a jolly idea. Jim Ponce just let us know that "...The Quake3 Depot has recently opened and is now available to gamers.

This site offers an online search engine created to provide a central source for Quake3 players to locate the hundreds of add-ons produced by third party Quake3 developers.

The Quake3 Depot also presents background information on the developers of Quake3 add-ons as well as providing an easy to use interface for locating anything and everything Quake3. They are accepting submissions for servers, mods, maps, models, and skins..." Again, a jolly idea, and a jolly service for all the Quake 3 fans out there.... Ben benieuwd wat er het meest gezocht zal worden: sex, mp3 of een DM-server Het Quake3 Depot