Ook aan de MODs voor Quake3 lijkt geen eind te komen. Nu is het aan TeamEvolve de beurt, zij hadden al eerder een addon voor Battlezone gemaakt, maar nu hebben ze zich dus ook aan de 3Dshooters gewaagd.

Can you give us a rundown of PainKeep Arena?

PainKeep was born in during the heyday of Quake, it was never migrated to Quake2 due to our commitment to Zaero for Quake II. Team Evolve is now updating one of the most loved Quake Deathmatch modifications PainKeep for Quake III. We have quietly been asking the Quake community what they would like to see in PainKeep Arena. We are working to incorporate their requests into the new version while keeping what made PainKeep so popular. No major plans to change the rules from the Quake version are planned, although there will undoubtedly be some in the final version. It's important to state that PainKeep Arena will first be released with Classic PainKeep maps only. We are doing this to give people their fix of Classic PainKeep while we update a final release with new maps and surprises!

Here's what the idea is:

You want a straight DeathMatch conversion, with lots of cool weapons and variables, with plenty of great maps? Then PainKeep is right for you. As mentioned, PainKeep is straight Deathmatch, and what fun it is. PainKeep is best loved for its selection of weapons and that's where it really cleans up! Team Evolve will be releasing info on their website at http://www.painkeep.com as they develop PainKeep Arena, however nothing has been posted as of this date.

What are the differences between PainKeep Arena and the previous version?

So far, it's just a remake of the previous version, keeping existing weapons and powerups, and adding few new surprises, albeit enough to make it interesting. If you've ever played a Team Evolve product before, you already know you're in for a treat!

How many members are currently working on the project?

Have all of them been with the team since the first PainKeep?

We were too busy to make PainKeep for Quake 2, and are now about to enter into a new project for later this summer. We have had to assemble a kick ass team to create PainKeep Arena. Right now we have roughly five people working on the project. We went from a small Internet based development team and worked our way into two commercial gaming projects over the last few years, Zaero for Quake II and Red Odyssey for Battlezone, with even more commercial projects in the near future. With Team Evolve moving more into the commercial arena, the schedule was more business focused and time consuming. This didn't allow a few of the hobbyists on board the time they needed and they decided to move on. We are now a very small team that has been contracting with great designers, level designers, artists and sound engineers from all over the world.Op het eerste gezicht niet iets heel revolutionairs, maar misschien dat schijn bedriegt. We zullen het snel merken.