Q3A wordt geport naar de Dreamcast. Aan het einde van het jaar kan je hem bemachtigen The title is being developed, under id Software's supervision and direction, by Activision and Raster Productions for Sega Dreamcast and published by Sega of America. QUAKE III Arena is expected to ship later this year. Using the Sega Dreamcast Network, Sega Dreamcast gamers will be able to play QUAKE III Arena against both Sega Dreamcast and PC owners. This is the first time that QUAKE III Arena will be available on a videogame console and the first time in history that PC gamers can play against console gamers via real-time networked gameplay. Whether played in multiplayer or single player mode, QUAKE III Arena is sure to give gamers an adrenaline rush and keep them coming back for more. De Complete Press Release