Op PlanetQuake hebben ze een preview gedaan van het aankomende Q3A Mission Pack. Ze gaan verder in de op verschillende speelstijlen en het feit dat het missionpack compleet van het origineel zal verschillen, met nieuwe HUD, wapens en maps.Hier een stukje over de Obelisk Gamestyle.[bullet]Obelisk While Harvester was probably my favorite of the games the guys ran me through, Obelisk was definitely the more team-oriented of the two (I'm more of a DM person than Teamplay, which is why Harvester appealed to me more). Each base has, oddly enough, an obelisk in it. This obelisk has 1000 health points. The goal is to destroy your enemy's obelisk in order to score. Sounds simple, right? It's not quite as easy as you think: the obelisk's health will regenerate similarly to the regen powerup. When I played, the obelisk's health regenerated at 15 health points per second. With 1000 health points, then, not only is it going to take you a while to destroy the obelisk, but you've got to sit there and really tag the thing to be sure it doesn't regenerate quickly. And since your enemy is trying to keep you from doing this, you're pretty vulnerable to attack as you sit there, whacking away at the pillar. Thus, Obelisk means that you and your teammates will have to form a really good offensive strategy, usually involving one person as the designated hitter and the rest being sure to keep him alive long enough to destroy the obelisk. Since you're going to need a few people just for your offensive line, this is a game that's going to be good for large groups of people as you'll need a solid defense as well. Je kan er hier meer over lezen.