Op Stomped staan nieuwe gecompileerde dll's voor Q3a 1.16n. Het zou een performance winst moeten opleveren voor Windows gebruikers.

Oja op EIGEN risico natuurlijk Jack Mathews was kind enough to compile the new Quake 3 1.16n game source into x86 Win32 DLLs for us. These should provide a bit of a performance boost for many systems out there (8-10% on my PIII-450, TNT2). Remember, use these at your own risk and don't contact me or Jack asking for help (though feel free to ask for it from others in the comments). I whipped up a short readme for them with installation instructions. You can get them here. How do they perform for you? Do they help very much? Let us know in the comments."You can get them here" en here is hier