Q3a heeft een console guide gemaakt voor Q3, dit is goed leesvoer, dus ga het ff bekijken.The console provides much more control over the game settings than the configuration menus do. Some fixes, work-arounds, and tweaks must be enetered via the console or config files because menu options are not available to set them otherwise. In fact, the console gives you access to a relatively powerful in-game programming language (the console language) that can perform functions as simple as binding a key to a command or as complex as a script that gives you 10 different zoom levels that you can cycle through with a single key. The console is also a great way to test the effects of various tweaks without restarting the game after every change (but be sure to note the snd_restart and vid_restart commands). For example, you could find out how many FPS (Frames Per Second) you're gettting in the game, change a variable that affects the video rendering, restart the video renderer, and then check your FPS again to see which setting gives you better results -- all from the console, and all without exiting the game. Once you find the best settings for ALL of the Tweaking Variables, you can put them all in a config file (using the exact same syntax) so you don't have to re-type them every time you play.