Op http://q3a.pcgame.com hebben ze de lijst met console commands met meer dan 100 commando's uitgebreid. Dus als je Q3A echt naar je hand wilt zetten is de lijst die je nodig hebt.Looking for Quake3:Arena (Q3A) and Q3Test (Q3T) info? This is the place -- q3a.pcgame.com, I.am/Q3A, that Q3A site, . . whatever you call it, this is the website for Quake3:Arena. Until the hugely anticipated Q3A is released (late 1999?), you'll find lots of information here about the insanely popular Q3Test. We'll also have pre-release info, screenshots, movies, and all sorts of files for Q3Test -- check the links on the left side of this page for the available sections.