Stomped heeft ons te vertellen dat vandaag versie 1.4 van de hilarische mod voor Quake3Arena, Catch the Chicken uitgekomen is. Het bedoeling van het spel is als volgt:CTC Free for All basically happens this way: You spawn. You look for the chicken. If someone's holding the chicken, you kill them and take the chicken. Then you run around holding the chicken for as long as you can without being fragged, which isn't easy because you can't fire your weapons while you're holding the chicken. That's where the fun is -- trying to outwit your pursuants and stay alive holding the chicken the longest. CTC Team Deathmatch offers all the fun of regular CTC, but with the added bonus of teammates to help you protect the chicken. Let's say someone on the red team gets the chicken. Then all the other players on the red team wield the Egggun -- an egg-shooting weapon that never runs out of ammo (since you have the chicken, and that chicken lays 'em mighty fast), and can kick back an enemy by quite a bit.Momenteel ben ik de mod aan het downloaden (ben een Quake3 fan ), wil je hem ook hebben? Download hem dan op dit adres. Voor de grote hoef je hem niet te laten liggen: 2MB.