Gisteren kon je de 127MB grote demo downloaden. Voor iedereen die hem binnen heeft zijn er een aantal tips. De tips werden gemeld op het forum van Q3 World.

Our pal Todd "The Head" Hollenshead, CEO of id Software hit the Quake3 boards dishing out some tips for the recently released Quake III: Team Arena demo, which I have been enjoying myself the last few hours (between turkey binges). Here's the gravy:

I wanted to give people some tips with areas that appear to have a few people confused and just share a little more info. Some people have complained about performance issues vs. Quake III. While it's true that Team Arena is more resource demanding than Quake 3, I think some of the performance issues may be driver related (so make sure you have the latest). Ideally, you should have 128 mb of RAM. 64 mb systems will run the game, but probably not super fast with high graphics settings. You can adjust almost every graphic detail from the menus, so try turning a few things down and see what happens to your framerate. The map we released is a bit performance intensive (compared to many other TA maps) and we understand that.

Some people have been confused about the prox launcher and how the mines work. They are colored with a team shader so you can tell friendly from enemy mines. You don't detonate mines placed by your teammates unless you shoot them with the RL. You can detonate mines that you place yourself, however. The strategic tip when going into an enemy base that is heavily mined is to either detonate them with the RL or send someone in

with Kamikaze and blow the whole base up (which will take the mines out, too). Team Arena wat is dat ?