Bij 3D Action Planet hebben ze Quake 3: Team Arena eens goed onder de loep genomen en er een stukje over geschreven.

Hoewel het de eerste keer was dat Id zelf een add-on maakte, lijkt het erop dat de poging om de beste Teamplay ooit te creeren redelijk geslaagd is. De nieuwe speltypes, maps, models en meer, laten de kwaliteit van Id doorschemeren en maken Team Arena een zeer gewild kado, ook voor na de kerst . The question of "getting your money's worth" is an interesting one for Team Arena, though. It would be easy to say, considering that Team Arena offers new gametypes, models, items and maps, that it's nothing more than a glorified mod. In fact, in this instance, the vibrant Quake mod and map community has been both a blessing and a curse for id. The gametypes found in Team Arena are similar to some community-created mods (Harvester, for example, resembles aspects of the popular Headhunters mod), and free, high quality maps are numerous. So, while the mod community has added life to id's games, Team Arena is awfully similar to those same community projects, and carries the burden of justifying its price tag. What's worse for id is a comparison to Epic Games, which has released similar bonus packs for Unreal Tournament completely free of charge.

But while many great teamplay mods are available as free downloads, the sheer quality of Team Arena places it above and beyond community-based offerings. It's not free (and given Epic's similar free releases for UT, maybe it should be), but it's worth the price. The incredible quality and attention to detail that id has given to Team Arena almost turns Quake III Arena into a completely different game.

I myself felt Team Arena should've been a free product -- until I saw the demo, which hooked me immediately. Because I live in Canada, Team Arena cost me $45 after taxes, and after playing it I still feel it's worth every penny.Damn, jammer dat de kerst al voorbij is, nu zal ik het zelf moeten gaan kopen .