Na 8 maanden hard werken zal de mod Rocket Arena 3 voor Quake 3 eindelijk te downloaden zijn. Versie 1.0 zal tussen de 50 en 60 Mb groot zijn, zowel voor Win32 als voor Linux. Wil je ook nog de soundtrack dowloaden kost je dat zo'n 70 Mb extra aan harde schijfruimte.

Hieronder staan de features:

8 Multi-Arena maps with over 32 arenas to frag in

Four styles of gameplay:

Rocket Arena - The original game of 1v1 or small team combat

Clan Arena - An improved version of Rocket Arena 2's popular pickup mode

Red Rover Arena - An innovative new team game that eliminates waiting and insures non-stop action

Practice Arena - Fight until your fingers bleed

Enhanced custom menu system New "true-lightning" client-side option to stiffen your shaft

Ultra-smooth new trackcam and eyecam code

Custom scoreboards with color-coded ping and packet loss readouts

Simple voting through the new menu system, including the ability to vote between the four game types

In-game menu based admin allow server operators and their delegates full control Arena locking and competition mode to facilitate fair clan play

Integrated ArenaSpy server browser to make finding servers easy

14 track soundtrack with over an hour of music to frag to Integrated MP3 player allowing you to play your own music

Meer info over deze mod kan je vinden op homepage van Rocket Arena 3.