Sega is gelukkig druk bezig hun ietwat oudere console op te waarderen, rekening houdend met de nieuwere generatie van consoles. Na een tijdje geleden het Unreal Tournament filmpje van de Dreamcast te hebben uitgebracht, krijgen we nu een previewtje van Quake 3 voor de Dreamcast. De Dreamcast versie lijkt nogal op de PC versie, en kunnen daarom ook tegen elkaar worden gespeeld (via Internet). Het enige verschil is eigenlijk de extra maps die bij de Dreamcast versie zullen worden released. Jammer is de iets lagere framerate, waardoor het spel toch minder prettig speelt dan de PC versie. Quake III Arena will be the first title to allow multiplayer, realtime networked gaming between Dreamcast and PC owners. Hooking up through the SegaNet (which will sponsor tons of servers), players will be able to go online and shoot it out with people from all over the world for the first time in console history. We have been promised that the 128-bit rendering engine and advanced artificial intelligence in the Dreamcast version of Quake will be first class. After spending most of a cool summer's afternoon engaging in a PC Quake III killfest in the Daily Radar offices, Sega Radar proceeded straight to the Sega of America offices in San Francisco. There, to our great joy, the Dreamcast version of Quake III Arena was loaded and ready to play. The version playtested was only partially finished, so there were definitely a few unavoidable errors. The dungeons looked a bit grimy, and the framerate is still a little slow, but these are definitely problems that will be worked out in the next couple of months. Sega of America promises the game will be locked in at least 30 fps -- with great hope for a perfect 60. Other than that, we are happy to announce that the Dreamcast port is amazingly similar to the PC version of Arena. We played with a keyboard and a mouse, the only way Quake III should ever be played in our opinion. And with the cocky stride and musky odors so natural to Daily Radar folks, we showed Sega exactly how bloodthirsty we really are.Quake 3 zal deze herfst op de Dreamcast verschijnen.