Via Blue's news kwam ik erachter dat PlanetQuake informatie heeft over de aankomende Mission Pack voor Quake 3. Het zal allemaal om Team Play gaan draaien:This is the first mission pack developed by id Software since the Master Levels for Doom pack. The focus of this mission pack is TEAM PLAY. Each tier consists arenas designed for teamplay along with a final tournament arena. Players will team with bots for the single player game, and with online counterparts for play over the Internet or LAN. This teamplay focus is apparent in every aspect of the game including map design, character design, user interface, additional gameplay types and AI development. A shot of one of the new models Players will be able to select from different teams, each with their own logo and skin. There will be a new male and female model, each with a number of unique heads to represent a different team member. There will be at least 3 new game types (maybe more) in the mission pack (in addition to tournament mode and traditional CTF). Many of the game types can be played with team power-ups, which alter a players health, weapon characteristics, armor, etc. One of the team power-ups is the Doubler, which increases a players weapon damage by 2X. The power-up has no time limit and is active until the player dies - it then re-spawns in the team base. Op de E3 zal deze Mission Pack geshowed worden.