Op Shugashack hebben ze een leuk discussietje uitgelokt met Christian Antkow en Robert Duffy van Id Software over valsspelen online en maatregelen daartegen. Een van de ideeen was net zoals bij Halflife aan cd-key banning te doen. Hier is een stukje van de .plan waar het allemaal mee begon:Client identification. Cheating is obviously a big issue. It seems that some people just cannot get over the fact that they suck at the game and have to cheat to try and make up for it :-) This along with abusive players has caused quite a few requests for the ability to generate a unique user ID based on the end users CD Key. This would allow servers to ban troublesome players or habitual cheaters. This method would not compromise the CD Key in any way but would provide a unique string that would identify a particular user irrespective of their user name, ip address and so on. Our current thought process is to implement a system very similar to caller ID. This would allow a server to be setup to accept only clients that provide their ID or accept all ( anonymous ) clients. Clients would be able to specify whether or not to provide their ID or be anonymous. Any feedback on this is welcome ( This is NOT in the game at this time but is under consideration )Lees een sammenvattingkje op Shugashack