Er is weer eens een leuk packje verkrijgbaar met oude Q1 en Doom geluidjes voor Quake 3. I think id did a great job with Q3:A overall. However, in my opinion, it has some weaknesses, especially some of the sounds. So I made q1q3.pk3 , which replaces some of the Q3:A sounds with some more familiar (and better) sounds from Q1. Then I thought that, since the Doom player model was included in Q3:A, it would be fun to see what the game would be like with some original Doom sounds. At first I just added some Doom player sounds to q1q3.pk3 . But then I went ahead and tried several other of the original Doom sounds and q3doom.pk3 was the result. It really kicks ass :-). Note that I didn't switch over EVERY sound from Q1 and Doom, just the main ones. Also, q3doom.pk3 has some Q1 sounds mixed in, but they are minor ones. Everytime I say that I have a final version, I think of something else to add, but I am pretty happy with the current versions. Don't be surprised though to see an update in the future. So playing Q3:A with a Quake1 or Doom theme is now easy! Here is what you do:

1) Grab q1q3.pk3 or q3doom.pk3 and put it in .../baseq3.

2) Edit your q3config.cfg file so that you have; seta cg_forceModel "1" (or set "Force Player Model" in your settings/game-options menu).

3) Select Ranger (Q1 guy) or Doom model from the setup/player/model menu in game.

4) Play QW-2000 or Doom-2000 :-)

Haal de Q1 pack of Doom pack en vergeet niet de site te bekijken voor meer info.