Electronic Arts heeft aangekondigd dat de publieke beta test van Motor City Online begonnen is. De servers zijn op bepaalde dagen "open" om op te racen. Ben je nog geen beta tester, geen probleem, je kan je nog steeds inschrijven op de pagina van Motor City Online.What do I do as a beta tester?

There are three main functions of a beta tester in Motor City Online:

1. Test the stability of the network and the effect of load on gameplay. Are there ways to induce a server crash? At what point does a server become too crowded that the lag is intolerable?

2. Test all features for functionality and usability. Do the features of the game work the way we say they should work? Do they seem intuitive, or are they difficult to get used to?

3. Test for overall functionality. Does the game seem balanced? Are there any hacks or exploits that could damage the game experience for others?

When do we start?

Beta testers will be admitted gradually, as we determine the capacities of our servers, ramp up our support group, and fix as many major fun-inhibiting bugs as we can. The initial opening is planned for Spring 2001, and we hope to include as many as 1000 active beta testers. By the time Motor City Online ships, we hope to have at least ten times that number.

Je kan op de kalender zien wanneer de servers open zijn. Je kan je hier aanmelden als beta tester. Hou er wel rekening mee dat de servers in Amerika staan, Europeanen hebben dus meer kans op hogere pings, daarnaast kost het verschepen van de beta je 4,95 dollar.