Aargh, zijn wij dadelijk allen gedoemd een Playstation 2 te kopen ? Avault bekijkt de aantrekkingskracht van de PSX2 en ziet dat veel ontwikkeltalent uit "PC game scene" overstapt naar het ontwikkelen van games voor de psx2.

Can you hear it? That loud slurping sound? Do you see it? That broad shadow moving across the landscape of PC gaming? Do you understand what these things are? That loud slurping is the noise of PC game designers being drawn into the large and very hungry mouth of the PlayStation2. That shadow eclipsing PC entertainment is the mass migration of top-notch designers soaring toward next-generation consoles. Multiple metaphors aside, this is no scattershot movement. More and more PC developers are turning toward Sony's upcoming super-machine, with some setting to one side all efforts to create releases for the Wintel platform, while others toss their hat into the ring while still doing PC titles. All are doing it in the hopes of scoring big as one of the most anticipated interactive entertainment devices ever is unleashed. There is no question regarding the impending success of the PS2; there is, however, a rather imposing question about what the outpouring of developers to the new platform means for the PC.Het volledige "verhaal" staat hier