Blijkbaar wordt de 'nieuwe' PSX niet alleen kleiner, ook krijgt hij online support, om met de Dreamcast te kunnen concurreren. The 32-bit PS One will have the facility to get online with a mobile phone. Practically on the verge of release – Japan will see the hardware on store shelves in less than a month – the machine is sure to ruffle more than a few feathers among rivals. You'll be able to see for yourself in September. A special adapter cable, available this winter in Japan, will enables the entire PlayStation platform – including its 128-bit successor - to be connected to mobile phones, offering what the company is describing as “new forms of entertainment beyond traditional packaged content”. According to Sony, the mobile phone network connection will allow users to download information, entertainment content and software in addition to exchanging data with other users.

Helaas dua alleen voor mobiele telefoons, zodat je fijn voor 25 cent p/m kan online gamen