Nee, dus. Hoewel dit wel gesuggereerd wordt door de Amerikaanse nieuwszender FOX 9. In een artikel geeft men de "Play Station Portable" ervan op de schuld het de kindertjes maar al te makkelijk te maken porno te downloaden en deze te laten zien op school. Nee toch? Ja echt.

What mom thought was just a game is actually a very sophisticated piece of electronics that a clever kid can use to capture pornographic images out of thin air. In the school's library, Jeff was eager to show his friends his new Sony Play Station Portable, or PSP. On a dare, Jeff showed his pals how the PSP could magically display images of naked women. De makers van een blijkbaar niet-porno site worden ook aangevallen.

The FOX 9 Investigators tracked down the owners of one of these sites. Its run by two,19-year old brothers.

Reporter: "Are you trying to target kids with this?" Website Operator: "Not at all, because its really hard to get money, or advertising if you have only kids coming to your site."

His target audience, he says, is the over 30 crowd that owns PSP's.

Reporter: "How do you know you don't have some kid who's 10, 12, 14 years old going on to your website?" Website Operator: "We really don't know their ages, or their gender." WiFi, WTF is dat eigenlijk?Dr. David Walsh is president of the National Institute on Media and the Family. He says parent's need to get hip about the technology their kids are using.

Wat zal FOX volgende week verzinnen? Porno op de PC? Het moet niet gekker worden.

Porno: overal waar je maar wilt