Voor veel console spelers zullen games als UT en Q3 de nodige aanpassing vereisen. Voor al die mensen en de mensen die geen genoeg van UT guides krijgen heeft games.net een UT strategy guide gemaakt.Welcome to the world of Unreal Tournament (UT). Console players haven't thoroughly experienced the bliss of the FPS world, and rightfully have a lot of studying to do to catch up with their PC bretheren. We've designed this

guide to teach you the skills necessary for advanced combat in the FPS world, so much so that even expert players may find some of the information vital.

The guide is broken into 3 sub categories, FPS 101, Weapon Guide, and the Item Guide. The Weapon Guide will be the first section available and will provide detailed information, analysis, tactical application, and training methods for the UT arsenal. We also have

FPS 101 which will teach you the vital tactics essential for FPS domination, and the Item Guide which provides detailed information, analysis, and application advice for the various items found in the UT world. Misschien leren PC spelers ook nog wat van deze guide