Avault weet ons te melden dat op 10 juli 2001 een nieuwe PS2 bundel uitkomt. In deze nieuwe PS2 combi-kit krijgt de koper een PS2 samen met Gran Turismo 3 voor $329.

Omgerekend in keiharde nederlandse guldentjes zal dit pakketje zo'n 900 a 1000 gulden gaan kosten. Maar dan heb je wel gelijk een topgame bij je nieuwe console SCEA has announced that it plans to release a new PS2 hardware bundle on 7-10-2001. From this date, consumers will be able to purchase the PS2 together with a game CD of Gran Turismo 3 A-spec for 329 USD. Gran Turismo 3 A-spec includes special effects such as sun glare hitting the windshield, shimmering heat rising off the tarmac, and real-time image mirrors on the cars. Initial reports suggest that improved opponent A.I. further enhances the realism. In addition to other features, the PS2 allows for each of the game's more than 150 vehicles to be designed and calculated to handle according to the real-world mechanics of that particular vehicle, considering weight, speed, friction, wind and more.