Nog niet te koop in Nederland, maar voor de komende PS2 bezitters is het altijd fijn om te weten welke games er uit komen. Een ding heeft de lijst gemeen met PC lijsten en dat zijn de data, ook PS2 spellen hebben last van uitstel .This list was compiled from major retailers such as Electronics Boutique, Funcoland, and Babbage's and as such is not always accurate to the company in question's release dates. We've taken a look at our own sources and commented where it seems like the release dates are a bit fanciful or optimistic.

October 26th, 2000 (Launch Day)

1.Dark Cloud: No way. We haven't seen anything of this game since E3 and word from inside Sony says this one probably won't see the light of day in 2000

2.Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore

3.Dynasty Warriors 2

4.ESPN International Track and Field

5.ESPN X-Games Snowboarding


7.GT 2000: Hmm, this one's hard to call. There hasn't been much word from inside the development studio of late but it might make it.

8.Madden NFL 2001

9.NFL Gameday 2001: No way. There hasn't been a peep out of 989 Sports and we can't see this one making launch.

10.Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2

11.Ridge Racer V

12.Roadster's Trophy


14.Smuggler's Run

15.Street Fighter EX3


17.Swing Away Golf

18.Tekken Tag Tournament

19.Time Splitters


November 1st, 2000

1.Army Men Air Attack 2


3.F1 Championship Season 2000

4.Midnight Club Street Racing

5.Silent Scope

November 7th, 2000

1.Gundam Wing

2.FIFA 2000


November 14th, 2000

1.Bouncer: Although there's been little gameplay shown, word is still good from inside Square that it's on track.

2.ESPN NFL Prime Time

3.F1 2001

4.Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

5.Gradius III & IV

6.NHL 2001

November 15th, 2000

1.Armored Core 2

2.Eternal Ring


4.Wipeout FusionMet zoveel games moet een PS2 gamer toch wel de winter mee kunnen doorkomen

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