Daily Radar heeft een preview van een spel met een onmogelijke naam. The doorway to the world of Cthulhu is that of Innsmouth, Lovecraft's fictional town where the human and the inhuman meet. To totally immerse the gamer in this shadowy environment, Headfirst has gone for the immediacy of the first-person viewpoint rather than the third person of pretender to the horror crown Nocturne or indeed the granddaddy of horror games, Resident Evil. "We're going for as much immersion into the environment as possible, so that the player feels like they're actually there," says Brazier. Inventively this means that gamers won't even have a health meter or inventory onscreen to shatter the spell of Innsmouth. Brazier outlines the immersive strategy, "By dropping the onscreen interface entirely, gamers will be kept within the game world. All there will be on screen is what your character can see." In terms of game play, this means if gamers want to see how many bullets they've got left, they have to actually look at their gun onscreen. Similarly there won't be a health meter on the screen. To ascertain injuries gamers have to look down at their own body. A bite or injury should be visible as a bleeding wound.Oh ja, het komt ook nog uit op de Playstation 2.