Al hoewel dit misschien beter past op, post ik het toch maar. DirectX 8 is toch meer voor games? Reactor Critical heeft een preview geplaatst van DirectX 8:Introduction It is Microsoft's well established tradition to release once a year a new version of DirectX which is meant to provide interaction with multimedia devices. The API is intended primarily for developers of computer games. This year will not by a long chalk be an exception. In this article we shall describe new capabilities which are expected to emerge in DirectX 8 and dwell at length on changes and additions to the graphic part of DirectX. What makes the new version of DirectX particularly interesting is that it will be the main API for developers of games for the Microsoft made X-Box console. It is well known that as the software platform it will use a special version of Windows 2000 and the newest version of DirectX. Conclusion The new version of DirectX includes as usual the support of new trends in games hardware. Much has been done in it to simplify the use of DirectX. With reference to all these changes it can be said that Direct3D, when used for game development, has become equal to OpenGL in terms of capabilities and simplicity of use. But the changes in DirectX 8 are of revolutionary nature rather than evolutionary. This is evident from changes in Direct3D. Those are the most significant changes since the appearance of DirectX 5. What is meant here is the addition of shaders which paved the way to the new principles in data processing. Same as the graphic part of DirectX, the other parts of the program do not lag behind in their development. In conclusion it can be said that the ongoing initiative of OpenML, which is supposed to provide a cross-platform multimedia interface, will be opposed by the formidable rival - DirectX 8 - sitting on the platform of Windows. De complete review kun je hier lezen.

Mijn ervaring is niet zo heel erg goed met de beta van DirectX 8. Op mijn Viper II wordt mijn score in 3DMark2000 aanzienlijk lager met zo'n 98 punten.