Interplay heeft in een press release te kennen gegeven dat het dankzij Game Commander mogelijk wordt om in de Star Trek sim Klingon Academy mondeling bevelen te verstrekken aan je crew. Nou maar hopen dat die virtuele Klingons gewoon engels ouwehoeren “Star Trek: Klingon Academy is a comprehensive simulation of Star Trek-style Capital Ships. The player has the sense that he is sitting in the Captain's chair, commanding the full might of a powerful warship,” said Raphael Hernandez, producer of Star Trek: Klingon Academy. “Game Commander gives the game the 'final touch' of realism, enabling the player to verbally interact with and instruct the bridge crew. The combination of Klingon Academy with Game Commander allows players, for the first time in any game, to bark out orders to their ship's crew, just as you see in Star Trek episodes and feature films.”