Computer Games Online heeft een preview gebakken van Praetorians. Een nieuwe strategy game van de Spaanse Pyro Studios. Hieronder heb ik wat voor je geplakt, is het je genre? Check het hier!During our recent trip to Pyro Studios in Madrid, we were able to take a look at its current contender in the vastly crowded universe of real-time strategy games. Praetorians is a more or less traditional one, although its 3D artwork is somewhat more intricate than many others'. The game is set in the areas of northern France, Rome and Egypt. Javier Pérez Dolset, co-founder of Pyro in 1996, and his co-designer Jaime Cifuentes gave us an enthusiastic presentation of the title. "When we decided to start this game," he told us in his secondary but quite-polished English, "we made some very ambitious goals. We wanted to make a game that others in the past have failed to do. It is a "troops game," and the first thing that we wanted to do was to focus on the things that people have failed with in the past."