Stomped kwam met het baanbrekende nieuws dat de Q3 PoW Mod versie 1.2 heeft bereikt en uit is. WOW .

De Mod is uitgebreid met 10 nieuwe maps en is maar 21mb Version 1.2 of the Quake 3 mod, Prisoners of War has been released. This version comes with 10 new maps out of 27 total for the mod. The goal of this Quake 3 mod is to capture opposing team members and keep them in your prison until you have captured all of the other team. Amazingly the file is only a 21 meg download. POW v1.2 Features (maps):

powmap10 - Trial of Heirs, by GeleshkA (bug fix)

powmap18 - Chamberlin, by ScrotcH

powmap19 - Vertigo Palace, by GeleshkA

powmap20 - The Bleeding Grounds, by ScrotcH

powmap21 - Jump, by Neotic

powmap22 - Animal, by Neotic

powmap23 - The Dark Towers, by KnightBK & Gel

powmap24 - One Hit Wonder, by bSf

powmap25 - Mean Street, by Neotic

powmap26 - The Dissolution, by Krimson

powmap27 - Keep It Simple, by GeleshkA De site van PoW Downloaden met die handel