Gamecenter heeft een preview van Electronic Arts nieuwste Need For Speed titel Porsche Unleashed op hun site geparkeerd. Ze bespreken o.a. een aantal spel-typen zoals factory driver en evolution, en hebben ter ondersteuning een behoorlijk aantal screenies aan de preview toegevoegd. Surf naar Gamecenter voor het hele verhaal.And "the next level of special effects" is pretty special, if what we've seen so far is any indication. Even though the alpha version we played was only 70 percent complete, this game looks damn pretty. Gone are the hypershiny metal and glass from NFS III and High Stakes, replaced by a softer, more diffuse lighting model for painted surfaces. The vehicle models are true to form, and with a full Porsche license, it's pretty clear that EA has taken the time to get all the details right. Because the cars are fully 3D, the Garage section of the menu lets players open a car's doors, hood, and trunk to see what's inside; players can even zoom in to get a closer look.