Beetje laat die Faq maar ja. Beter laat dan nooit. Of er zijn zo weinig problemen dat ze er bijna een jaar over doen om wat te vinden.Revenant project leader Ben Cooley made a post to the Revenant Quest Shop's forums with news that they would be posting the Revenant game resources for users to download: Cinematix has posted 2GB of game resource files, inlcuding all characters, animations, spells, effects, icons, equipment, interface screens, public tools, fonts, and other miscellaneous files. These files can be modified, edited, and tweaked for custom modules, and also can be used to learn how to create your own custom resources. The FTP site is Currently, these files are not available for download. There is a message on the ftp site saying: We are presently awaiting permission from EIDOS to post the game resources on this server. Please check back after January 3rd to access the game resources here.Hier het FTP adres.