Weet je nog dat spelletje wat je speelde bij oma, en dat zelfs toen al antiek was?

inderdaad, pong! de eerste videogame ever is in een 3D jasje gestoken door atariIn this version of Pong, you go through levels (which are mini-games, like I mentioned above). It is you versus the computer, paddle versus paddle (or 2 on 2 sometimes, the computer controlling two, and you controlling two). Each level of play has three different levels of difficulty. After you beat the first setting, you can choose to move up, and so on. Additionally, each setting of difficulty adds new things to the level, such as extra power-ups, and/or extra obstacles. For example, when you play the second level, there are moles that pop up in the second level of difficulty to make shooting the 'pong ball' in the soccer goal harder (yes, as you may have guessed, it's a soccer level). But, in the first level, the 2nd and 3rd levels of difficulty add extra power-ups (a polar bear, who tips the glacier, to help you defeat your opponent). So as you can see, each new level there awaits something totally different in store. ik heb het gespeeld, en de gameplay is nog steeds goed, levels zijn behoorlijk moeilijk gemaakt, weer goed voor vele uurtjes verslaving