FERRARI_2000 schrijft: "Vele screenshots van de nieuwe PS2-games. De meesten zijn in-game. ": Ook zijn er 7 filmpjes te bekijken en wat leuke screenshots... Take a look.Japanese gamers are set to finally get their hands on the next-generation PlayStation this weekend. The 4th of March sees Sony roll out the 128-bit PlayStation 2 in a bid to continue domination of the video games market. The original PlayStation has sold a staggering 60 million units world-wide, now gamers are waiting to see if the new machine can live up to the hype. 128-bit technology, DVD player, and it even stands on its side. Retailing at 39,800 Yen (approx. £230), the PlayStation 2 is set to be an impressive piece of hardware. As well as an awesome 128-bit chip set which will make it the most powerful piece of home gaming kit on the market, the console will also double up as a DVD player. The Sega Dreamcast has impressed gamers recently with crisp visuals, but the PlayStation 2 is set to bring even more power to the table.