Don't underestimate the power of Playstation. Misschien moeten we deze zin toch serieus beginnen te nemen

Nadat er was commotie ontstaan was in het Oosten omtrent de Playstation 2 en de militaire inzet daarvan, is het nu de beurt aan Irak.

Geruchten gaan dat de terkorten van de PS2's te wijten zijn omdat Irak ze allemaal ,,confisqueert''.

Het blijkt dat Irak de PS2's parallel wilt laten werken om zo zware berekeningen uit te voeren voor raketten met chemische en/of nuclaire ladingen. Irak mag door de sancties geen computers importeren, maar speelgoed wel en laat de PS2 nou net speelgoed zijn According to one report on, the PlayStation2 shortage may be exacerbated by the exportation of hundreds of the units to Iraq. According to the report, several PS2 units can be bundled together to create a primitive super computer. The high graphics capability of the PS2 is extremely useful for any modeling applications. Due to UN sanctions, ordinary computer equipment cannot be imported into Iraq. However, toys are not included in the ban, and the PS2 has been considered a toy.

Some fear that Iraq will attempt to create an unmanned, remotely controlled flying vehicle capable of delivering chemical weapons. Others believe the units may help Iraqi nuclear weapons researchers calculate ballistics data for missiles. UN officials may become more wary, but weighing in at less than five pounds, the PS2 is easy to smuggle in with small shipments.

Future expansions to the PS2, including the hard drive and a broadband Internet modem, will only enhance the defense applications of the unit.

While the problems in Iraq are new, concern that the PS2 might be used in defense applications has been raised before. When the PS2 was first released, the Japanese government raised concerns. Eventually, however, the government allowed the unit to be exported without special restrictions.

Saddam, coming to a Intertoys near you...