Sony en diverse bedrijven zijn begonnen met hun "media blitz" voor de komst van de Playstation 2 in de herfst van 2000.

Sony heeft reeds screenshots van aankomende PS2 Spellen uitgebracht. Hierdoor zijn de verwachtingen van vele gamers zeer hoog gespannen!

Hier is het volledige artikel:Sony, the makers of Playstation and various other electronics, has begun its media blitz for the long-anticipated arrival of Playstation 2 next fall. Sony has already released screen shots from some titles on the Playstation 2 platform, creating a huge buzz among gamers for the past few months, but the have not really begun their advertising campaign until recently. Currently, Sony is mailing out flyers with pictures and specifications for their new gaming system, which is to be DVD-based, with the 4x speed DVD player doubling as a 24x speed CD-ROM. These flyers, which are single sheets of glossy magazine paper, began appearing not long ago in devoted gamers' mailboxes. This step taken by Sony has caused some people to think that Sony is ready to move on from its current Playstation console and concentrate solely on the development of Playstation 2, whose main competitor remains to be Sega's Dreamcast. However, one of Sony's major marketing schemes centers around Playstation 2's compatibility with current Playstation games, allowing gamers to keep playing Playstation favorites on the new console. Sony plans to increase the breadth of Playstation 2 advertisements over the next few months, steadily increasing the number of ads until Playstation 2's release in the Fall of 2000. We here at are looking forward to this highly anticipated gaming system and will be updating you on all news about Playstation 2 as we get it.The Saga continues!