De Playboy staat bekend om haar interessante artikelen. Een van die artikelen ging over Q3. En voor alle ongeruste ouders er staan geen ranzige plaatjes bij het artikel

Het artikel werd geschreven door:

By Gillian Bonner, president of Black Dragon Inc. and Miss April 1996

Miss April....Throughout my career in the computer entertainment

industry, I have gradually become aware of a consistent

phenomenon. Around 7 p.m. on any given evening in the Black Dragon offices, the sounds of exploding bombs, machine-gun fire and agonized screams can be heard coming from offices and cubicles throughout the

complex. Full-scale war is raging once again: As usual, my team is playing Quake, the first-person-shooter computer game from id Software. Rather than leave the office after their long, sometimes stressful workday, as normal people do, many of my employees -- mostly

the guys -- log on to the company's network or the

Internet and begin to play hours and hours of Quake, screaming and cursing one another as the battle escalates.

One unique feature of the Quake series is that from the

beginning, Carmack wrote the engine code so that id's

programmer fans could customize many aspects of the game. This is commonly called "editing," and it allows players to create their own game levels, or mods, of worlds, characters and weapons. This player controllability has drastically increased the lifespan of id's games, especially Quake. The game draws a huge community of fans who not only participate in what one fan calls "a social activity, like oldies would have if they played bingo," but also have the ability to customize the game and, in essence, create their own versions. Consequently there are many hybrid versions

of Quake in the form of different mods that have their own characteristics and fan base.

Miss April

En ga nou niet zeggen dat je nog nooit op de Playboy site geweest bent