Liquid Fire heeft vandaag zijn eerste pc game aangekondigd. Het spelleke zal Plasma Ball gaan heten. Mannen, vrouwen en cyborgs het tegen elkaar op moeten nemen in het spel van de toekomst (aldus Liquid Fire).

Hier wat info.Plasma Ball is a fast-paced, addictive sports title. Mixing sci-fi, basketball, gridiron, and plasma weapons, the game will be a title which breaks the current beliefs of sports titles for the PC.

Features of Plasma Ball include:

[bullet] Various levels of difficulty which directly affects the abilities of the AI.

[bullet] Ever-changing AI attributes. Every game against the same team will play differently, whilst each team will have distinct traits which make them stand out to the player.

[bullet] Fast paced action.

[bullet] Limited rule set to enhance the playability.

[bullet] Support for a variety of playing devices.