IGn heeft een alle feiten die tot nu toe bekend zijn van PlanetSide bij elkaar geschraapt en er een Intelligence Report van gemaakt. Per onderdeel sommen ze op wat er tot nu toe bekend is en wat je ervan kan verwachten in het uiteindelijke spel.Weapons & Vehicles: Aside from automatic transport shuttles, vehicles include tanks, gunships and other assault types. Navigation will be arcade-like in control and won't follow the strict physics of hardcore simulations. Side gunner positions are being considered on some of the designs. In terms of weapons, players can expect shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, explosive devices, as well as possibly melee instruments and some unique weapon types that have yet to be named. Overall, the team is aiming towards a future modern approach in weapon design. Player vs Player Combat: As previously mentioned, player reflexes will largely determine one's performance in battle. Online players from opposing Empires comprise the entirety of enemies. Radar will be unable to detect enemies, but from certain distances, an opponent's name may appear above the head when centering the crosshair on that player. While PlanetSide's damage system won't be reflective of complete realism in the interests of fun, there should be damage bonuses when hitting someone in the head or limbs. Aim and mobility could be somewhat affected if significant damage is sustained, but it won't be to the extent that travel is made excessively difficult. The act of looting corpses is permitted, since the game is one that emphasizes player conflict. Zeker een aanrader om te lezen voor de fans.

Een veelbelovende titel, jammer dat het nog even duurt voordat die uitkomt.