Je zou van Planetside op het eerste gezicht misschien niet denken dat het een massive online game is. Schijn bedriegt want op de E3 dit jaar werd de grote presentatie aan het publiek gegeven en konden bezoekers een rondje vliegen in de fighters, crossen met jeeps en in 1st person enkele van de wapens uitproberen.

HomeLAN had een interview met de projectleider Dave Georgeson, de persoon die ook meewerkte aan andere mechgames zoals Heavy Gear 2, Absolute Zero, Tribes 2 en Mechwarrior 2.HomeLAN - How is working on PlanetSide different from working on the Tribes series for you?

Dave Georgeson - Well, "PlanetSide" actually only *looks* like "Tribes 2". It's a surface comparison based on the fact that we have armors, ground vehicles, and air

vehicles. The actual games are dramatically different. Probably the biggest difference is that "Tribes 2" (and similar products like "Counterstrike" and other FPS games) revolve around 20-30 minute games with around 30 players per game. The timer expires, the game resets, and you start playing again. Many players pick a particular map and play it to death (like with "Dust" in "Counterstrike" or a small rotation of maps in "Tribes 2"). However, in "PlanetSide", there are 3500-5000 players in the world simultaneously, spread out over 10 continents of approx. 400-600 square kilometers of usable gaming terrain. Hundreds of bases are ready for the taking across various terrains and the war rages on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's a *completely* different play experience...while still having the adrenaline and action of the FPS games that we all love. Wie de rest van het interview wil lezen surft naar HomeLANfed voor de overige vragen.